Penelope Kokkinides Speaks Up For Puerto Rico

With more than two decades of experience in management of government healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, Penelope Kokkinides was recently appointed as Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc., A leading provider of healthcare-related services and Medicare and Medicaid Advantage. After serving as both Chief Operating Officer, as well as vice president of clinical operations, her extensive knowledge an expertise in both Managed Care and the development of clinical programs help establish her as a key leader in the organization.


When asked about the steps that she follows regularly to maintain her success as an entrepreneur, Kokkinides says she encourages others to take time to become fully informed on current trends in their industry. She herself often spends time reading new articles and publications that will help her improve InnovaCares offerings and services. She also states that maintaining organization is essential. prioritizing tasks in order of importance helps her ensure that things are done in a timely manner. By planning ahead, she says that you can reduce the amount of time spent pondering about your next step rather than actually taking it.


Working alongside the company’s president and chief executive officer, Dr. Richard Shinto, Kokkinides helps oversee the daily operations of InnovaCare to ensure that the organization is honestly and effectively meeting the needs of each and every patient. Prior to joining the InnovaCare Health family, Kokkinides was responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of CenterLight Healthcare’s Managed Health Care Division. She holds a Dual Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages as well as a master’s degree in social work including post master’s training in alcohol and substance abuse. To add to her list of achievements, Kokkinides also holds a Master’s degree in public health, which plays an essential role in her fight for improving health care for the residents of San Juan, Puerto Rico due to the health threats posed by Hurricane Maria.


As one of only eight women invited to attend a recent meeting with President Donald Trump and CMS administrator Seema Verma, Kokkinides raised awareness on the importance of adequate funding for Medicare recipients in Puerto Rico. During the meeting, she expressed her optimism regarding the consideration of changes to current Medicare Advantage payments, and shed light on how important to the Medicaid system is for residents of Puerto Rico. As a result, she hopes that both the Trump Administration and CMS will do the right thing and increase financial support for Puerto Rico’s Medicaid and Managed Care system.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi- A Career Much Deserving At Bradesco

It is amazing just how much hard work, sheer determination, and passion pays. Below is a story of a man, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who has worked his hat off to bring Bradesco to its current level. Cappi is an incredibly humble man, who throughout his career has used his knowledge in banking to create solutions that last for Bradesco.

Trabuco got married to Bradesco in 1969 and since then, the ‘couple’ has been together through thick and thin. Bradesco was hardly the corporation it is today when Carlos came on board. The institution, apart from struggling to make a market presence, found it hard to boost its earnings.

However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has helped the organization thrive to become the second largest private bank in Brazil. Surprising right? Additionally, Trabuco has helped increase the company’s value, one of the reasons why Bradesco presently commands a significant market presence today.

As you are aware, Cappi and Bradesco’s story is that one of love at first sight. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, despite having more than a million chances of changing tact, has always found Bradesco his home of choice and that explains why he still wants to be a member of the board even after his exit as the company’s president come 2018.


Is Carlos Bradesco’s President? Mr. Cappi has been the company’s president for the longest time now. His is what we call a long and industrious career, one that gets set to come to an end in 2018. It is Trabuco’s responsibility as per Bradesco’s policy to choose his successor, something that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has gone above and beyond to deliver on.

Luiz, who believes in breaking barriers, has bestowed the duty of succession on Bradesco’s executive. Secondly, Luiz has stipulated that the new president should be someone who brings a lot of good tidings to the institution, and should not be necessarily a pick from the current vice-presidents.

As they say, a thinking mind is a brilliant one. Today, Bradesco has a formidable candidate to succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, a man by the name of Octavio de Lazari Junior. Lazari is not your average guy. He has an extensive knowledge in banking matters coupled with a lot of experience on the same. Besides, Octavio has built a reputation for being innovative and that is why Bradesco is confident in his abilities.

Cappi, now sixty-six-years-old, is a happy man as he knows that Octavio de Lazari Junior, will more than deliver on his mandate. After all, that is what Trabuco wanted right? Carlos, on the other hand, will assume the mantle of the chairman of the board of directors, paving the way for more energetic souls to take the charge on more executive matters.

It is individuals like Alexandre Gluher, Mauricio Minas, Marcelo Noronha, and Josue Pancini that will help Lazari take Bradesco to the next level. The outgoing president has done it all but still feels that there is a lot to get done, all thanks to his love for Bradesco. Brazil and the world by extension will surely remember Carlos as its unsung hero.

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Drew Madden Using Technology to Improve Healthcare

The healthcare industry is going through numerous changes. One of the biggest issues with the healthcare industry is the overall cost of care. Few people can afford a major medical issue. There are some companies trying to lower healthcare costs by investing in new technology options.

Drew Madden is a technology professional who has years of experience with this process. He decided to start his own business several years ago. Although it was not easy, he is now able to help companies across the country with their technology choices.

Starting the Business

Drew Madden wanted to start a business in order to increase his income. He also wanted to have more control over how he spent his time. He did not have a lot of initial capital to invest in his new business. However, he was able to slowly build his company over a long period of time by providing excellent service to clients.


One of the most difficult aspects of starting a company is the financial planning. There are few people who have the capital needed to start a company. As a result, business owners have to borrow money in order to get started. Drew Madden was nervous about borrowing a lot of money. As a result, he borrowed as little money as possible. He also quickly paid down the debt as his company started to make money.

Healthcare Options

There are few people who actively invest in their health and wellness. As a result, the vast majority of people have health issues that develop over time.

One of the best ways to lower the cost of healthcare is for people to start living a healthy lifestyle. It is much less expensive to prevent a disease than it is to treat a disease. Drew Madden helps clients focus on different ways to improve their overall health. Exercising each day is a great way to prevent health issues. In addition, eating a diet full of vitamins helps to prevent diseases from developing. Drew Madden is excited about the future of his company.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Empire

They say it’s not easy being green, but being “lime” worked out just fine for Doe Deere, CEO and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime has two priorities: providing cruelty-free, vegan makeup, and making sure that it’s bright, glittery, and fun. Lime Crime is most famous for their velvety liquid lipsticks, colorful, pigmented palettes, and a healthy dose of anything rainbow or unicorn inspired. Doe Deere, on the other hand, is famous for being a successful, young entrepreneur who came up winning from humble beginnings.

Many would be surprised to find out that Lime Crime actually began as a clothing company. Deere originally moved to the states to become a fashion designer, so she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her first line of clothing was called Lime Crime, but eventually, Deere realized that her true passion was creating and marketing makeup that she created herself. She had been selling her clothes on Ebay, and launched her makeup sales back in 2008. The rest is history. Since then, Deere has created her own website and now sells makeup in popular retail stores such as Ulta and Sephora.

In a recent interview with Inspirey, Deere credits one of her main inspirations to be the likes and interests of Generation Z, or those born in 2000 or later. Some popular trends include bright, neon colors, glitter, and matte lip color. Deere says that she follows these trends carefully and always tries to provide the kind of makeup that her demographic is looking for. Another inspiration for her makeup is her love of fairy tales, which can be seen in Lime Crime’s whimsical packaging, pretty pastels, and continual theme of femininity and magical creatures such as mermaids and unicorns.

Although Deere was born in Russia, she currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their cats. From LA, she works tirelessly to oversee her company, along with designing makeup and marketing her new products. Doe is the CEO, but she’s also a jack of all trades in that she invests herself deeply in every aspect of production. She loves marketing herself and her brand and has stated that listening to customer’s advice over social media can be one of the most beneficial ways to improve your brand. She’s also very active in the beauty community and projects her voice and love of makeup through presentations and speeches.

Overall, Deere’s main belief is that makeup should spark happiness. She tries to inject her happiness into each and every one of her products in order to make her customers just as excited about makeup as she is. She wants her customers to realize that using makeup doesn’t mean making a better version of yourself; it means creating art and having fun… with just a bit of magic sprinkled in.


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Ads That Get Views vs. Ads That Get Ignored or Blocked According To Lori Senecal

The world of advertising can be a very tricky world to understand. For one thing, there are some ads that get all of the views and the sales. However, there are other ads that will get ignored. As a result, people may wind up not getting the sales that they want. After all, there are plenty of businesses that are failing. This is where it is important for people to do some research and figure out what some businesses are doing right and what others are doing wrong. They can also take notes from someone like Lori Senecal on what they can do in order to bring out better results.


According to GC Report, when it comes to the types of ads that get ignored and blocked, these are the ones that are intrusive. People who get interrupted to have to watch an ad often find themselves installing an ad blocker so that they will be able to enjoy their content. Another type of ad that won’t get views is the one that is not even seen. A lot of people who run websites often find that they are not getting views. Some people may not even realize that they are not getting any views to their website. However, the best way to advertise would be to go out into the digital world and let people know about it.


One thing that Lori Senecal does in order to make sure that her ad campaigns are effective is make sure that people know about her and subscribe to her. When she gains enough friends and followers, then they are going to be aware of the ads that she releases for herself. Lori is also very good about coming up with some of the ad campaigns for her clients. Lori Senecal handles a lot of the techniques that are going to bring in the customers.



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HCR Wealth Advisors Developing Financial Strategies for Clients

HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth management firm. This registered advisory firm develops personalized financial strategies for their clients.


The Sandwich Generation is a group of people who find themselves in a tough financial spot. These people are middle-aged parents who are taking care of the financial needs of their kids going through college and their elderly parents at the same time. Doing either one of those things can be a financial burden, but doing both and trying to save for your own retirement at the same time is truly a challenge.


Plan for Your Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors seek to protect their clients against the risk. The heavy load of financial responsibility placed on the Sandwich Generation is something that many can’t avoid. However, it is important for the sandwich generation parents to continue planning for their future retirement. You don’t want to have to rely on your kids or your own retirement.


Plan for College

The financial costs of college can be unexpectedly high. Don’t delay planning for your kids’ education. The price of college education is continuing to rise year to year, so the earlier that parents begin saving, the better. The odds are those savings will dramatically lower the amount of money that your kids will need to borrow to cover their tuition and expenses.


Know Parent’s Situation

Caring for older parents is a responsibility that more and more people have to bear. Therefore, it is vital to take a close look at your senior parent’s overall financial situation. How much income do they have coming in monthly? What about their health care cost? Sit down and discuss these matters with your parents. Work out a plan to cover all their financial burdens and health care cost.

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Stellar Co-Founder Jed McCaleb and his Bold Prediction

Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim co-founded Stellar in 2014 for one reason: to bring financial options to those that don’t have them. Stellar works with financial organisations all over the world to allow them to conduct cheap, secure international transactions. Stellar works with a few companies, like IBM, in the developed world as well; Stellar works with IBM to provide them with cheap alternatives to international payments.


Jed McCaleb serves as the CTO for Stellar, where he provides the programming expertise needed to make the company run. He worked on the technology behind Stellar on his own, and Stellar recently made a huge effort to improve their system even further.


This isn’t the first time Jed McCaleb has worked with decentralized protocols to innovate a tech industry. He previously founded eDonkey, a file sharing service that used a decentralized network to deliver files to its users.


With years of experience behind him and expert knowledge of several subjects in technology, Jed McCaleb has made an astounding prediction. He says that in the next 10 years the blockchain and banking worlds may be able to coexist as one entity. McCaleb believes one single network will encompass the entire world. This network must provide a public ledger to store its date; blockchain technology provides the most secure known method of storing data. The network must also be able to conduct transactions across all borders.


Stellar is currently working to fill all these requirements.


“In the next 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere,” McCaleb says. If his prediction is true it would definitely change the world. Even the average consumer could one day be using cryptocurrency to conduct day-to-day purchases.


Competition is thick in the blockchain industry, some companies are even fraudulent. Securrency is a legitimate company that is working with investors to make it possible for them to trade stocks with bitcoin.


It is hard to predict which of these crypto-companies will be on top in the next 10 or even 20 years.

AvaTrade Review Provides Valuable Insight with the AutoChartist

AvaTrade provides investors with valuable insights into stock market trends through profound evaluations and analysis with the AutoChartist service. AvaTrade headquartered in Ireland as part of the Central Bank of Ireland was established to provide investors with multi-asset trading capabilities that provide easy and quick trading platforms. AvaTrade was founded in 2006 as AvaTrade and currently has offices in 11 countries throughout the world. It was established to provide both experienced investors and beginners the opportunity to take advantage of the current stock market gains and profits from other high-performing instruments such as Bitcoin cryptocurrency investment asset opportunities.


One key function of AvaTrade is the service called AutoChartist which is a platform designed to provide key insights and analysis for account holders that deposit over $500. The ability to invest in stocks that are proven to have a track record of success through research and evaluation provided a period of time that develops a track record over multiple channels in avenues of investment opportunities. AutoChartist is an advanced charting software application that allows investors to invest safely in the stock market and gain confidence from the established data provided in the investment positions. Also, AvaTrade leverages the power of multiple third-party platforms and the profound research and analysis provided by the third-party platforms. In fact, investors are able to capitalize on various levels of information and analysis from the platforms such as AvaTraderAct, ZuluTrade, MirrorTrader, and RoboX by Tradency are some of the many platforms established within the network to provide insight into the valuation of profitable investment opportunities.


Stocks are tracked over periods of time through the platform, an economic calendar within the AvaTrade platform. This allows investors to gain key insight into the history and potential flow variable stocks throughout the economic cycles. Valuable insight from the AutoChartist software platform enables investors at AvaTrade to gain profitable insight into the performance of some of the most lucrative stocks on the market.

The Oxford Club Finds Lucrative Investments

The Oxford Club utilizes a talented editorial staff to produce highly sophisticated market research products that enable their members to achieve market-beating returns and hasten their journey to financial freedom. The newsletters and trading services are products that have been developed by financial professionals with deep levels of knowledge and experience.

This private network of entrepreneurs and investors has been growing steadily since its founding in 1989. The Oxford Club now has more than 157,000 members in 131 countries that take advantage of their superior products. Their investment strategies and principles have been tested as battle worthy and they thrive in the financial trenches.

Alexander Green is a noted author who’s achieved best selling status as acknowledged by the New York Times. He’s also the Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club and the lead author for their flagship newsletter. The Oxford Communique reveals his outstanding market analysis as well as his timely trading tips. It also contains his popular essay series entitled Beyond Wealth where he ventures into politics, philosophy, and principles for healthy living.

Another newsletter in The Oxford Club‘s family is in regards to income generating strategies. The Oxford Income Letter helps members craft an extraordinary income-producing portfolio. This includes selections on dividend stocks and detailed analysis as well. Bonds are also covered in this newsletter and it highlights the best opportunities in the bond market that can enhance the income potential of one’s portfolio while reducing risk.

Another important avenue that helps members successfully navigate the marketplace is The Oxford Club’s trading services. The exhaustive and detailed research that produce these products can help members find the best opportunities. There are 12 of them that pertain to different markets and asset classes. An array of lucrative situations arise on a regular basis and these services are adept at pinpointing them. The Momentum Alert is a good example as it helps investors find up trending stocks that tend to continue in the same direction.

The higher quality of life that goes beyond wealth is one aspiration for The Oxford Club’s members. A chance to focus more time and attention on friends, family, and community can be realized with financial freedom.



Shafik Sachedina’s Commitment To Community And Health Mending

Shafik Sachedina got his certification as a dental surgeon at Guy’s Medical and Dental School, one of the science colleges at the University of London in 1975. He currently serves as one of the chairmen at Sussex Health Care, one of the top geriatric health care providers in the world, in Southern England.

Shafik Sachedina is best acknowledged for his contributions as the head of department of the Jamati Institutions at the Aiglemont Estate in France. He is in charge of the agenda for each of the 16 focused area institutions and their education defined by Ismaili rules and sets of teachings. He is the networking bridge between the Ismaili community institutions in Central Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). Shafik Sachedina has been an active member of the AKDN as well as served as the Ismaili Council President for the United Kingdom. All roles provided at the Jamati Institutions are voluntary. Shafik Sachedina is illustrative of the kind of identity the Jamati Institutions carry with embracing voluntary participation.

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Shafik Sachedina’s welfare is without doubt a big character in his career development. His 30 year old career with Sussex Health Care concentrates on developing elevated and longer term care for aging patients with brain conditions and challenged learning conditions alike. The company’s main focus is providing care for patients suffering with dementia and Alzheimer, both incurable diseases, tracing back to Shafik Sachedina’s school studies background in renounced illnesses being a dental surgeon. His experience has helped the company’s re-occurring success and recognition as well as their recent advancements. A new facility has opened in West Sussex carrying new equipment, alike other facilities, a necessary push for learning disorders development. The new facility features a specialized service providing a 24 hour watch of on the floor specialists. They also modeled the place to be more modern with a brand new kitchen model in place and furnished communal areas.

Currently, the company has helped over 250,000 patients regain their living potential. Sachedina has previously worked for other facilities specializing in elderly care such as The Horsham Clinic and others. His commitment to accessible residence for aging health care patients has proved to work for his company and team of specialists.

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