Scott Rocklage is a Rare, UNique, Talent

Dr. Scott Rocklage had an extensive resume before joining 5AM Ventures in 2003 as a venture partner. In his 3 decades of healthcare management experience he has led teams that have developed 3 new, FDA approved, drugs. He has also served on the board of many pharmaceutical companies and worked in the laboratory’s of Nobel prize winning scientists.

Dr. Rocklage showed an aptitude for science early on. He earned a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. From there he earned a Ph.D in Chemistry from the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He parlayed this prestigious education into a prolific scientific and corporate career.

He is the inventor, or co-inventor, of over 30 U.S patents and is highly respected in the scientific community.

5AM Ventures goal is to give scientific startup companies the opportunity to grow. Their capital allows companies to innovate and find solutions that make people’s lives better.

Dr. Rocklage’s role at 5AM Ventures utilizes his scientific background with the finance industry. He meets with scientists, physicians, and financial professionals to develop drugs or therapies that address an unmet medical problem.

5AM Ventures seeks to develop next generation life-science applications and deliver massive returns to their investors. Dr. Scott Rocklage has learned the importance of people to every venture. His years at 5AM Ventures has taught him that finding the right person for the job is of the utmost importance.

Scott Rocklage is a unique professional who is an integral part of 5AM ventures. His experience makes him a once in a lifetime talent who seems to have been made for his current position at the venture capital firm.

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