Brian Torchin: Getting the Right Staff for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare staffing is extremely challenging particularly at the era when the healthcare sector is consistently pressured to cut down costs, adapt to new policies, and improve healthcare quality. For many healthcare employers, the primary challenge is finding the right person to fill in particular positions. For Brian Torchin, staffing shouldn’t be a challenge for healthcare professionals anymore. He holds that there are many opportunities for employers to recruit new workers. Some of the sites he mentions include Facebook as well as Twitter. Torchin uses these apps to advertise vacancies in the healthcare sector. But, he has a staffing firm called HCRC Staffing. Read more about Brian Torchin on

HCRC Staffing was established with the objective of incorporating many years of healthcare and medical staffing knowledge to improve the staffing experience. The company applies consultative, ethical, as well as a direct, and detailed-oriented approach to hire employees. Situated in Philadelphia, the management offers extended night as well as weekend hours to assist in ensuring effective as well as quick communication with clients, in addition to physicians. Besides, HCRC Staffing covers chiropractic jobs, medical jobs, physical therapy, and physician assistant jobs. With the help of Brian Torchin, HCRC Staffing has worked with urgent care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and private practices.

Torchin has also implemented an extensive database of experienced physicians and qualified individuals for clients. HCRC Staffing helps healthcare companies to assess the current job market before interviewing job seekers and hiring them for the advertised positions. The management also strongly believes in providing a client-centric approach towards recruitment.

Mr. Torchin is talented. He is an executive leader and boasts of more than five years of experience in working in the healthcare sector. He is an alumnus of the University of Delaware where he majored in science degree. Torchin is also a holder of chiropractic studies from the New York College of Chiropracters.

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