Sunday Riley Products changing the Lives of many people

Riley saw the gap created by other beauty products that did no balance the ingredients and the botanicals. She decided to fill the gap by launching her company known as Sunday Riley in 2009. Sunday Riley chose to use her name as the brand name as it made her feel responsible. She started with creating foundations and sold them through a chain of retailers. This mode of selling did not favor as most retailers diluted her products hence complaints from the clients.

Sunday Riley as an entrepreneur and an expert in beauty products decided that she would market her products. She created an online platform where willing customers could access the product of their choice. Riley believes in improving her products every day. She uses the trial and error method to develop her products. Before releasing the product to the market, she tests it using her relatives and when they say they are not pleased by the product she tries to formulate a new formula.

All Riley’s products are made using natural active ingredients and are chemical free to ensure that the clients get the skin of their choice. She also uses Vitamin C in her products to provide that there are no side effects and strengthening the skin. Many clients have shared their views on how the Sunday Riley products are efficient. Most of them who had face spots are eliminated, and the products leave their skin very soft and moisturized.

Riley’s products are selling very fast in the market as the message shared by the users on social media spreads very fast hence increasing the demand. Some of the products include Luna, Tidal, Good genes, Power Couple, U.F.O, C.E.O and even Juno which serves numerous purposes. Juno product is used during facial massage, applied on hair and fingernails. Many people prefer Sunday Riley product as they are relatively cheap as compared to other products.

Riley has taken the initiative to create awareness on how people can achieve good looks. She states that it’s essential to adopt a routine that involves washing the face more than once a day.