The RealReal Is Becoming The Luxury Fashion Expert

When it comes to high end fashion, The RealReal have become industry experts. They handle so much used luxury fashion on a daily basis. They are known as experts due to how they make sure a brand name item is truly the real brand the owner claims to be. They are one of the few who are dominating the luxury resale market.

The RealReal has been able to have success because they offer the most authentic fashions that really connect with their customer base. Customers can easily see from social media that The RealReal have a great sense of style and selection. A consumer may be looking for the perfect holiday outfit. This company has many options. From a furry purse that mimics cheetah inspired spots to a warm Fendi top to Burberry essentials to the perfect diamond pieces for you to wear around your wrist, The RealReal can create the perfect outfit for holiday dinner and Black Friday shopping. Since the store prides itself on giving the best prices, you do not have to worry about breaking the bank to wear fabulous brands like Fendi and Burberry.

Julie Wainwright must feel proud with her accomplishment of creating The RealReal into the brand it has become. You may have seen their television commercials or came across them on Instagram. The company has expanded from just being an online retailer. They have physical locations popping up around the country aiming to bring their online experience to customers seeking an in store experience.