My Month Using WEN By Chaz

As a beauty blogger image is everything, I would not be able to give tips or accurately review products if I show up everywhere I go with a style that screams hot mess, some pull it off though not me. So when my hair started to turn into a frizz ball and mornings became less of a pleasant experience and more of a battle against the frizz, I knew I had to do something quick. Let me preface this by saying my hair was not always this way, before I left behind the beautiful sunny beaches of Hawaii, my hair felt almost as soft as the falling waterfalls that dotted my backyard. But after a move to a new place and an introduction to low humidity, the hair I was once proud to show off had become permanently frizzy and banished to whatever beanie or hat I could find.

That was until I tried WEN by Chaz, the cleaning conditioner made by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. I was more than happy to jump on the opportunity to try a product that was designed, used, and vouched for by celebrities so I decided I had nothing to lose but time so I gave it a try.

The first week was a learning experience making the switch to only using a conditioner instead of my regular shampoo but after I got used to my new routine it was simple. Surprisingly enough after one week, I started to notice a change in my hair, no more battles with an untameable beasts in the morning and finally a softness returned.

It wasn’t until the second week though was I completely sold on the organic and naturally sourced cleansing conditioner. That’s when the compliments started pouring in.

After one month, I love my bottle of WEN by Chaz and don’t see myself ever going back.

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